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News from the Boardroom - Feb 2011

The board of directors met in Caledonia House, Edinburgh on 8 February, chaired by the president of Scottish Fencing, Chris Hyde.

Present: Chris Hyde (Chairman), Stephen D'Agostino (Director), Graeme Hart (Director), Mike O'Donnell (Director), Alan Loveland (Administrator), Ewen Cameron (Sportscotland), Conrad Chin (first item only).

Apologies: Ed Rogers (Director), Stan Stoodley (Director).

New Website

Conrad Chin gave a presentation to the board on proposals for redeveloping Scottish Fencing's website. His proposals were well received and the board agreed to proceed to the next stage: supplying an initial design brief to a few web designers and inviting them to work up pages for review.

Equality Standard

Ewen Cameron gave a presentation to the board on progressing to the "foundation level" of the equality standard for sports. Future investment funding in fencing by Sportscotland would be conditional upon achieving the series of targets set in the development plan; however, practical support was available to governing bodies to assist them in taking the actions that may be necessary to demonstrate commitment to the cause of equality.

To achieve the foundation level, Scottish Fencing had to:

  1. make an explicit commitment to equality, through assigning responsibility at board level and allocating time for a lead officer to take necessary actions;
  2. produce a written equality policy, giving members and staff the opportunity to contribute to its development;
  3. conduct an "equality audit".

Ewen informed the board that approximately 50% of sports governing bodies had already achieved the foundation level, while approximately 25% had progressed to the next stage - the "preliminary level". Examples of good practice had been published on the website

Chris Hyde and Mike O'Donnell accepted responsibility for progressing the actions needed to reach foundation level.

Rotation of Chairmanship

Chris Hyde informed the meeting that his responsibilities at work had recently increased. To ensure that the conduct of company business would not be hindered by his limited availability, it was agreed to consider rotating the chairmanship around the other directors, subject to this proving permissible within the articles of association. Mike O'Donnell offered to serve in the chairman's role during March, April and May.

Executive Structure

The board agreed specific areas of responsibility for each director:

Mike O'Donnell - director with responsibility for events and policy

Stephen D'Agostino - director with responsibility for communications

Graeme Hart - director with responsibility for performance

Ed Rogers and Stan Stoodley - directors with joint responsibility for development, including coaching development, youth development, and referee development.

Elite Athlete Financial Awards

Mike O'Donnell declared an interest in the awards and withdrew from the meeting room until the conclusion of the business item. In his absence, the board received and approved the recommendations of the performance committee. The names of the successful applicants would be published in a press release by Sportscotland, in due course.

The directors expressed disappointment at the comparatively small number of applications received.

School Teams Competition

The board discussed the question of continuing to allow the participation of club teams in what had, until 2010, been a competition for school teams only. Ewen Cameron commented that most Scottish sports governing bodies did not run events for schools at all, preferring to leave the task to separate school sports associations. It was agreed that the current season's event should revert to admitting only teams representing schools, but it was further decided that two team competitions should be staged in 2011-12: one for school teams, the other for youth teams representing any club.


Competition Equipment

The board agreed to purchase a laptop and portable printer for use at competitions by the DT.

Created by: Stephen, 19/02/2011

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