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National Fencing Academy

The next National Fencing Academy - SUNEE training day is taking place on Sunday the 17th April at Newcastle University. This is open for fencers aged 14 - 20 years who have aspirations for or are fencing internationally.

Application form below. £40 per session or £180 for 5. All payments and completed forms need to go to Katie Dolan at BFA - Deadline 14th April

The programme on the 17th April includes a workshop by guest lecturer Chris Barrett, into:

  • Why do fencers get injured: mechanics and movement patterns specific to fencing
    Common injuries faced by fencer including a look at the pathologies behind these
  • Management strategies of the common injuries

• Self management of soft tissue restriction

Strength and Conditioning training and understanding will be lead by the University coach, Julie Twaddle.

Fencing training will be lead by:

  • Robert Kiss - Foil
  • Iain Aberdeen - Epee
  • Laszlo Jakab - Sabre

For those not attending the Academy as a fencer, there is a refereeing course for all weapons - information attached

Coaches are also welcome to attend the lectures and training sessions free of charge.

For further information about the National Fencing Academy, you can download a presentation here - DOWNLOAD

Future training dates are 26 June, 31 July, 4 September, 23 October, 6 November, 27 December.

Application Form (doc)

Refereeing Course (doc)


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