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New Weapons Act in Scotland
The new Weapons act in Scotland will affect the sale of fencing weapons in Scotland, but you can help.     Read more

Rules Update
Use of non-sword hand/arm will result in a red card!     Read more

British Fencing rulebook for competitions
Download the British Fencing rulebook (English language translation of FIE rulebook) - in pdf format     Read more

Sponsorship Logos on Fencing Kit
These rules are intended to cover the use of corporate logos on kit to promote sponsors of individual (or groups of individual) fencers. The rules are applicable whilst competing in Domestic level tournaments in the UK. The interpretation and enforcement of these rules are ultimately the responsibility of the organisers of the individual comeptitions.     Read more

British Fencing Discipline Regulations
Discipline Regulations - as adopted by resolution of the BFA Board on 25th November 2000 and amended by resolutions of the BFA Board on 19th May 2001 and 11th September 2004      Read more

Latest penalty sheet
The latest penalty sheet - when referees should give yellow, red or black cards     Read more

Clothing Regulations
Clothing Regulations for fencing in Britain     Read more

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