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How to referee sabre - French Style
A lesson in how to referee sabre from the French Fencing Federation. This video is in French but its pretty easy to understand as long as you know your right (droite) from your left (gauche).     Read more

How to follow the referees decisions
How to follow the referees decisions     Read more

How scoring works in fencing
?p?e is probably the easiest to understand. If there is a hit anywhere on the body then it scores a point for the the person who made the hit.      Read more

General information on fencing
How is it played? What makes fencing a good sport etc etc     Read more

How Did Fencing Originate?
Sword fighting as sport has existed since ancient Egypt, and has been practised in many forms in various cultures since then     Read more

The sabre is the modern version of the slashing cavalry sword, and is similar in length and weight to the foil.     Read more

The ?p?e, the descendant of the duelling sword, is similar in length to the foil, but is heavier, weighing approximately 750g     Read more

The foil has a flexible rectangular blade, approximately 90cm in length, weighing less than 500g.     Read more

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